Planning for the dying time and the care of physical remains.

Aftercare for the Future Dead

Liminal Crone supports people, partnerships, and groups with grief and mourning; navigating thresholds and deaths through a focus on education, advocacy, direct support, and ritual. Formed of deathworkers with a variety of expertise and existences, we believe in the strength of shared knowledge and skill.

We desire to empower and fortify those in the liminal.

Learning, creating, sharing, and growing incessantly are priorities in all facets of our lives. Liminal Crone’s intent is to educate and support individuals and chosen families to make plans and take actions that are affirming and empowering during dying and grieving times

Everyone has a right to progress through end of life in a supported and self-directed manner. With planning, we can help direct our end-of-life care and have input into how our physical form is handled surrounding death, our mourning rituals, and other aspects of life’s grief.

Liminal folks exist without strong support structures, with atypical family circumstances, experiencing marginalization, or otherwise identify themselves as outside of mainstream communities. Members of liminal communities often have complex end-of-life and grieving time support needs. Exploring current options for living and dying, and the protections available can be empowering for these individuals and their communities.

Liminal Crone offers education and resource sharing centered on advanced directives, their access and use, end-of-life options, organ donation, dead body care, home death and ritual options, body disposition, grief and mourning.

Jess Ringle is a death doula with 15 years of experience in death and grief work. Her practice is an alchemization of witchcraft and folk practices and a background of critical care and trauma nursing.

Nadienne is an educator and advocate; a folk magic practitioner; and deathworker from an early age. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with a Minor in Philosophy, with an emphasis on ethical decision-making in healthcare. Her work focuses on empowerment through advanced planning and education, honoring the complexities of grief and the human experience.

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Death is the outcome of life